Arc/anGel, aZ aN.y O>theR Hu/man Be=ing, Li/ves (in) Zym:bio+sis Wi/th BaKteria, B/ut His _own_ E_man>Cipa^ted, Re-Ve/ling Them+selv)es DuUu/rinG ;thE
L-ast (10) Th_ey Had Konst-anTly Mani-Pu”lat.ed Him t.o Dra_w The_m , The:y ha>Ve ap>Ear By Th3 Thou!ZandZ , ea/>ch.One U+ni’que, An=d
ne-ver Re-pea:ted. It”s Krea*t*ion iZ in=Zide The pa-ra-me/ters oF (a) gen/Era{tive} ProZes_s: Th_ey Be.gin aZ a Poi.nt That TranZ.formZ I;nto a li-ne, and theN, i.n tO a sui generis Ch:araKter. Is a viZ.Ceral pro;cess, Auto.matic, Th.aT Hap>pens At t.hE mO-mE-nT, aTt thE vE_ry in>Z.TanT. The baKteria’s Draw”ing iZ pre]ciZe, Geo=Me:tric, With>out Re-draw>ing thE lineZ, thE ha-nd floWs Throu))gh Th>e PaP:er (in) a cont/inu{ing Move-Ment, aZ a Pro:duKt oF thE arTiZt’Z obZe.>ZZ:ion Wh>ile Krea/ting th:em, th+E ZamE obZezZ:ion hE mai.ntains i-n h+is Di_gi_tal Me/dia Pro:duK.t>ion And T>haT he haZ in>eVi.table Re>la>ted Th>e Cha>raK”teRZ, gi.Vin.g theM a Kon.Zep.tuaL Ha]bi.tat a.nd a Di_gi-tal (i)d3n/titY i.n HiZ w.eb Zite //
Wh-en The UZer EntErZ The Zit_e, ThiZ Ta_ke Kon-troL of ThE ViZuAl A_nd Au:diOoO Zpa>Ze oF thE Kom^put/er. At. T.he Be-gi/, iT A.pp.ears a {De}KonZ.truKted Ztat_e=ment, as a Wel.Kome to the Men:tal Zta.te th>at iZ trY>ing tOoOoOoO inFeKt. ThE>n, The UZer {in}TeraKtZ wi”th thE fi_rZt Kultivo â€"a SpaZe whErE bAkTeriA li{VeZ} and wh[ErE] thE uZeR Ka.n PraK/tice Whil/e H.e deZi-deZ thE bakteria he Wan/ts to in-teraKt wi.thâ€", Whi’ch iZ thE laZt oNe pro+duZed un>til That mo:Ment: t.H.e kul_tivo 005, where lives Zoo_Ma>tiKo, MArci/aNo.tE and exâ€"TRA>vi/ADA. The in}feK.tion Be:ginZ wi’th t.h.E Bakteria’s NaMe. Ea/ch Kultivo Kon.taInZ thre.e Bakteria. Wh.en oNe is ZeleKted, you EnteR to the haB.itat Where thiZ bak.tEria iZ>lo_ping And iN (an) Au.diO and ViZ.uaL Way>, ReZ.pon/ding toO t.h.e in>TeR.aKt{io}ns ..of.. t.hE UZzZer. A.fter_ try>ing tOoO Un_der/ZtanD thE [dy]NamiK of the audio[vi]Zual e>VentZ, tHe UZzZer fi”nds Him-ZelF [in] a Part of the We.b ZitE tha.t iZ all About in=FeKtionZ. The is De>KonZ.truK.ted: ZenZeleZZ >Poe.tiK teXtZzZzZ oth/er UZerZ le/ft beH.ind and ArK.angel inF_eKtZ anD Pu:blish>es th_eM aZ a poZZ{i{blE in)fek=tioUZ Re.Zult Betw/een The user’s in-teraK.tion and thE Kha.raKter. The ZitE in -ViteZ the uZer to send an inf.eKtion of thE Z.tate, Trans_for///mation, or feEe>ling, Pro/duZed by thE in.teraK/tion of the in.teraK/tion of the Dig.iTal Cha.raKter wi:th thE user’s Men.tal proZeZZ. . ViZ-ceRal KharaKterZ TranZ.L_ated to A KonKre>te World, , a Phy.siK Wor.ld, to thEn liVe (in) a Dig.i+tal World)) aNd in+feKt the user’s Men.tal Oni>ric proZes.s. Bakteria is (A) li_ve //Akt Arcangel not) JuZt Zhare.s thE ProJect Mass.iv/ely The Web) ZinZe 1997, //but> hE Pre:ZentZ Kon.ceRt.s of>Zes, a uN.iKue Akt, sui generis, oF. Inter/pre.tat_ion (in) real ti_me. > has PreZ.ent>ed all Arou.nD the> Wor_ld {in} di.ff.erent Scen_arioZ, .su+ ch. as: NeW .Ci/NeMa and New Me..dia/ Fes-ti=val in Mon.T.real, The Cy/ FeZti.val in Bil>bao, thE In:ter_faZe FeZ/ti/vaL .in. ((the)) Zi_ty Th_ea_ter >of/ Pue.bla, iN_ thE FamoU.s Kl.ubZ of Mel.kweg aNd Pa-radiZo in AM.Zterdam, thE Be.>ni>cassim FeZ/tival in BarZeloNa, aNd feZti]vals in It.aly, Uru.guay, Argen.tina, Puerto.Rico, Ger.many, Ko.rea, Pe>ru and the U/nited/ ZtateZ. In Me>xico Zity, Arc>angel PreZent>ed: a live eVent in the roOof of the CaRR>illo Gil MuZeum, in FeBrua>ry of 2000; a biG inZta>llation in Zentro NaZio>nal de las ArteZ, Pro>duZed by Centro Multi>Me.dia; ; a Pu>bliK KonZ>ole in the Show Im>age & Sound in Labo>Ra”toRio Arte AlaMeda & zkm ; an inZ.tall>aTion at In:orGániKa; and alZo, aN inZTa>lla.tion At Mu'"Zeo de Arte MoDerno )and( thE CECUT in Ti>ju>ana, Part of The Za>lón Ban>Komer. Arc/angel had par:Ti>Zip/ated [in] num.eroUs Pub/liKat_ions -and ob/tained an Hono>rific Men/tion in the Cy>net-art FeZ/tival in Ger.many. is on>line si/nce 1997, em_i>gra/ting to his new Do/main Zin.ce 99, ThoU>ZandZ of Mon-thly ViZ.itZ. Arcangel iZ KonZ.tanTly Pro>duZing new CharaKters, Kolla>bora_ting /with/ o.ther im>por{tant muZi.cians from the Kontem/poRa>ry Ele/KtroNiK”Z Zcen//e in MeXico. Than.ks to the su+ppo/rt of the Fun/daZion BanKomer, Arcangel has publiZhed the //firZt Ka]taloGue of the pro///J}ect, which Kon-tainZ 102 pa>ges â€"52 Kolor Pages illus^^tra//ting the New Khara/”cter’s and 52 in Yell}ow paGes Black /texts//â€" With of thE inf/eK;tionZ pu=BliZhed in the (web) Zite. The Ka>taloGue For>mat is liKe a Ka.leN>dar, >with a Meta>llic w.iReo, wh>ich Kan Be u>Zed aZ a tra.di_ti/onal boOok of Kon.Zult, and alsOoO as a KonZep>tual Aes.TheTiK ob.ject of deKora/tion. The Pre.Zen.TaTion of thE Ka.ta>loGue 97â€"05 toOok plaZe laZt MarCh, at Ga.leria Ga.raZh in Me(x)ico City.